Wilmington In Transition

This Delaware school embraced outdoor education before COVID-19. Can others follow suit?

“When you look at a lot of outdoor education programs, it’s all white people,” Wilson said. “White, privileged kids have the exposure to outdoor education. It’s really about diversifying that programming and making it accessible to everyone.”

Accessibility to the outdoors could take a number of shapes. Urban gardens and beekeeping projects offer options for city schools surrounded by concrete. Partnerships with local parks give students a dedicated place to learn outside, much like the wooded classrooms at St. Anne’s.

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Distributive DIY

What does distributive DIY look like? Projects like Mx. Turon’s — but also maintaining public lands and parks, and paying the taxes and electing the politicians that work to keep them public. It looks like funding and participating in community gardens, and boxes of free zucchini on the stoop, and organizations that salvage and resell building materials at deep discounts. It’s understanding that the pleasure of watching something grow, or learning a skill, or just sitting outside shouldn’t be contingent upon one’s income level. It means understanding community as a whole collection of people “doing it yourself” — but for each other’s greater good.

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Jamie Margolin

There is no gray area for survival.

Jamie Margolin, Co-Founder and Executive Director of climate activism group Zero Hour, joins Hallie Jackson to discuss her upcoming testimony on Capitol Hill, where she’ll try to make lawmakers realize climate change is “a lot more urgent than they think it is.” She also references Friday’s “climate strike,” which is expected to draw millions of kids out of their classrooms in protest.

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