Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla Gardening – Dedicated to all the half WITS 😁

To me guerrilla gardening is gardening performed in what I consider to be the public domain. My concept of the public domain precludes establishing a garden on someone’s front lawn, but anyplace that is not mowed on a regular basis is fair game for me. However the fact that an area is not “maintained” brings with it the problem that there is something probably already growing where you want to plant. Pieces of cardboard are our allies in such situations. I either pull out what is currently growing in my planting spot or if this is too difficult I use hand pruners to get rid of enough vegetation so that my cardboard will sit on the ground. Then I cover the cardboard with the vegetation I removed. So….  I have not created a planting spot for now but rather a planting spot for a time in the future when the cardboard has started to deteriorate and the ants and sowbugs and pillbugs have created a suitable environment for seed germination.

( Did you know that you can tell the difference between pill bugs and sow bugs by noting if there are two appendages projecting from the rear of the body? If there are, you have a sow bug. Also pill bugs can roll up into a “pill” but sow bugs can’t. Also both are not insects but rather are the only crustaceans to spend their whole life on land. Yes, according to they are related more closely to shrimp and crayfish than to bugs.)

  BUT to get back to our planting spot… It just occurred to me that you could plant in such a spot right away under certain circumstances. Let’s say it is November and you have a supply of robust seeds,  Paw Paw seeds for example. You know that Paw Paw seeds need to be stratified (exposed to winter temperatures) in order to germinate. You clear away the vegetation where you want to  plant the seeds, cover with cardboard, cover the cardboard with cut-up vegetation, and walk away. With luck the seeds will germinate in the Spring and push their way through the rotting cardboard which is preventing the growth of competing vegetation. Walah, you are a guerrilla gardener !

To be continued… Insha’Allah

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